Chlorine Refill Station

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Convenience and Quality at Our Chlorine Refill Station

Helping Keep Pools Clean With Our Practical Refill Service

Are you always running out of chlorine to keep your pool sparkling and clean? Come along to our chlorine refill station to top up your container with premium-quality chlorine.

Who Can Buy From Our Chlorine Refill Station?

Home Owners Doing Their Own Pool Cleaning

Many people opt to do their own pool maintenance and will, therefore, need a reliable supplier of affordable chlorine to get the job done. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts are invited to bring along their own 10 or 20 litre jugs for fast and efficient chlorine refills. 

Our top-quality chlorine products will help you maintain your pool water by killing bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms that could make you ill. Chlorine will keep algae at bay and break down other foreign materials in your pool, such as dirt, debris, oils, and organic waste.

As an added bonus, we have an in-store water testing facility! Do-it-yourselfers are welcome to bring in a sample of their pool water for testing and we will keep the results on record, should you need access to it at a later date.

Chlorine Refill Station

Pool Cleaning Services Looks for Affordable Chlorine Solutions

As the owner of a pool cleaning service, you will know that always having chlorine on hand is one of your most essential items. Our chlorine refill station can cater to your commercial needs by filling up your 10 or 20 litre jugs with high-quality chlorine to keep your client’s pool pristinely clean. 

Why Choose Olympic Pool Services Chlorine Refill Station?

When you choose our chlorine refill station, you choose more than convenience. Here are some reasons why you should top-up your chlorine jugs with us:

  • Top-Grade Chlorine – Our chlorine meets the highest standards of purity and effectiveness to keep your pool clean and healthy.
  • Expert Knowledge – Our knowledgeable team is always on hand to provide assistance and give recommendations on all aspects of pool maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach – By using our chlorine refill station, you contribute to a greener environment by reducing plastic waste associated with other chlorine packaging and products.


We also provide liquid chlorine delivery on bulk orders!

Try our chlorine refill station today for convenient chlorine top-ups. Contact Us