Pentair Warranty Depot

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Warranty Claims Handled at Our Pentair Warranty Depot

Claim for Your Pentair Robotic Cleaner, Automation Panel, or Heater Repairs

Olympic Pool Services offers a unique service to all Pentair robotic cleaners, automation panels, and heaters owners in the Greater Toronto Area. Our in-house Pentair warranty representative can assist with all claims and repairs for these Pentair products in our warranty depot.

Pool Heater Installation

Our Pentair warranty depot can handle all warranty claims on your behalf.

Walk-In and On-Site Repairs Under Pentair Warranty at Our Depot

As one of our preferred providers, our partnership with Pentair will ensure that your Pentair product is repaired quickly and efficiently, in-store or on-site.

Bring in your Pentair robotic cleaner for a warranty claim, and we will have it up and running again in no time. Plus, we will handle all the paperwork.

For Pentair heaters and automation panels, please get in touch with us to arrange for our Pentair warranty rep to assess your product on-site and handle the repair and warranty claim.

What About Pentair Products that are Out of Warranty?

If your Pentair automation panel or heater needs repair, our expert team can still handle this for you at your own cost. Depending on your needs, we will undertake the repair efficiently, either in-store or on-site. When it comes to robotic cleaners, these are repaired at our warranty depot in-warehouse/store location. 

Superior Service at Our Pentair Warranty Depot

At Olympic Pool Services, we understand the importance of your investment in your pool. Therefore, our Pentair warranty depot offers you the following advantages:

  • Expertise – Our Pentair warranty representative has years of experience with Pentair products to ensure a fast and effective repair.
  • Speedy Warranty Claims – We will assist with all warranty claims to ensure you get a swift response.
  • In-Store Assessments and Repairs – We can perform in-store repairs for robotic cleaners, as well as all other portable Pentair products. 
  • On-Site Assessments and Repairs – We can arrange on-site assessments and repairs when necessary.
  • Out-of-Warranty Repairs – We maintain, service, and repair Pentair products that are out of warranty at a reasonable cost, extending the life of your equipment.

Contact Olympic Pool Services Pentair warranty depot for all your Pentair claims and repairs. Get in touch.