3 Reasons To Renovate Your Pool

Every few decades, it is important to renovate your pool for structural reasons ‒ providing it with a trustworthy base and, if desired, a new modern finish. As time passes, there are modern designs and additions to a swimming pool that can make it a focal point in your garden, becoming the ultimate hang-out space during summertime.

If you have been considering pool renovations, then here are the top reasons why you should take the plunge.

Long Overdue   

Every swimming pool requires maintenance and a certain amount of care to go into it.

Pools can last 10 to 20 years before they begin to show their age, and by then, it becomes a necessity to keep your swimming pool’s structural integrity intact. Because a swimming pool does not last forever, at some point, it may need renovations or be replaced entirely to save you money on costly leaks or constant repairs.


Modern pools come in so many shapes and sizes. You can have complete creative freedom when deciding what you would like your newly renovated pool area to look like. Contacting a professional who will help you design and refine the vision in your mind is a must!

Take this opportunity to invest in gorgeous decking around your pool’s perimeter, or scroll through different designs online until you find something absolutely breathtaking.

A pool renovation is a prime opportunity to express yourself and create a space you love.

Upgraded Technology

If you are one of many people who enjoy staying on top of the ever-changing technological advances, then this is another reason why a renovation and remodelling may be ideal for you and your needs.

Today, there are sophisticated and complicated pumps and filters to choose from, as well as energy-efficient heaters, or products to help alleviate the duty of constant cleaning. Many of these features may act as a bonus or prompt you to upgrade your entire system – the pool shape, the aesthetics, and the functionality.

Are you convinced it’s time to put some tender love and care back into your pool? Give Olympic Pool Services a call today, and let’s discuss your pool renovations.

It’s time to make a splash!