Common Misconceptions About Uv/Ozone Pool Systems Debunked

If you are looking for an eco-friendly pool system, you may want to consider the UV/Ozone option. This alternative to a traditional chlorine pool is gaining popularity, yet there are still some common misconceptions surrounding it.

In this article, we debunk these myths, highlight the benefits of the UV/Ozone system, and explain how choosing the right pool supplies in Canada will help you maintain your pool easily.

Myth 1: UV/Ozone Pool Systems Need More Maintenance

Every pool requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it sparkling and clean, but it is not true that UV/Ozone pools require a more intensive maintenance regime. In fact, they need far fewer chemicals than their chlorine counterparts and less manual labour is involved, making them relatively easy to maintain.

Investing in some quality pool supplies will go a long way toward easing your maintenance burden. You will need a pool skimmer, vacuum, and pH testing kit. The UV/Ozone bulb will need replacing periodically, so keeping one on hand is a good idea.

Myth 2: UV/Ozone Pool Systems are Not as Effective as Traditional Chlorine Systems

These pools function very differently, leading to this common misconception. However, UV/Ozone pool systems are just as effective as chlorination-based systems. In fact, they are far better at eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

The system produces no chemical residue or harmful by-products, making it safer and healthier for your family and the environment. They also reduce the risk of skin and eye irritation that chlorine pools cause.

Myth 3: UV/Ozone Pool Systems are Expensive

Any pool build will involve an initial investment, but you need to remember that a UV/Ozone pool will cost less to service and maintain. In addition, these pool systems run efficiently and are reliable and durable, all leading to significant savings in the long run.

Ask your friendly pool installer at Olympic Pools to compare installation, maintenance, and energy efficiency costs to see how you will benefit over time.

Contact Olympic Pool Services today to learn more about this safe, effective, and eco-friendly option for pool owners. By debunking these myths, we would like to encourage more people to switch to UV/Ozone systems. With the right pool supplies in Canada and some basic maintenance, your UV/Ozone pool system can provide clean, clear, healthy water for you and your family.