How To Maintain An Environmentally Friendly Pool In Toronto

Any decision that impacts your life and your family’s lives directly should be thought out thoroughly, planned meticulously and be well-executed. The guide below, developed by the most conscientious Toronto area pool builders around, will help you make informed decisions when maintaining your new swimming pool. These small tips will have a big impact on helping you save the environment, and some money.

To Salt Or Not To Salt

Having a saltwater pool may sound trendy and environmentally friendly, but this is not entirely factual. Firstly, if too much salt water passes through the pool’s system, it may become overly chlorinated and, in turn, corrosive. Secondly, saltwater pools have been rumoured to be better for the environment as they use no chemicals, but this is not the case at all. In fact, there is a City of Toronto bylaw that prohibits the drainage of saltwater pools into the streets. The most environmentally friendly sanitization system is chlorine, with a UV/Ozone unit.

Looking after your freshwater pool and keeping the chlorine levels balanced is a great direction to head in. Maintaining your system effortlessly and remaining in control takes the stress off of your pool systems. By checking chlorine levels every few days you will watch your pool flourish!

To become even more environmentally savvy, chat to the Olympic Pool Services team about our UV/Ozone friendly pool system.

Pump And Cover All Day Long

Depending on the size of your pool, you may need to turn your pool pump on for 2 to 8 hours every day. However, to reduce your electricity consumption, it is important you understand that the size of your pool plays a vital role in whether it is advisable to run your pump all day long, so as to avoid any excessive use of resources. Changing your single speed pump to a variable pump will help drastically with your electric bill.

Another useful tip to avoid refilling your pool endlessly is to have a pool cover placed over it when it is not in use. Covering your pool prevents excessive evaporation, which can help you to save water! Another water-saving tip is to keep your pool fuller for longer. Instead of draining it (unless you have a maintenance issue), it is better to keep your pool topped up constantly, as one big refill can become pricey.

There are a number of small ways you can help the environment in choosing to maintain your pool. As professional and experienced pool builders in Toronto, the Olympic Pool Services team would love to turn your backyard into a retreat! Contact us today to discuss your plans for a new pool build or renovations, pool opening and closing, ongoing maintenance and gas work services ‒ all done in an environmentally conscious way.