Looking For a Pool Professional? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

Having a skilled and competent swimming pool technician either install, renovate, or maintain your pool can make a world of difference in ensuring that your pool looks pristine and is a joy rather than a hassle.

Aside from knowing what to do and where to get the best pool supplies in Canada, a knowledgeable pool professional should also provide you with good and friendly customer service and leave you with a pool that you love to use.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the skills and areas of knowledge a pool professional should be proficient in.

Water Hydraulics

Without fully understanding a swimming pool’s circulatory system and the way the various equipment functions within that system, a pool technician cannot hope to install or maintain a healthy and functional pool.

The pool specialist must not only comprehend the principles and rationale underlying water hydraulics, but also know which order the components should be installed in.


One of the most important skill sets that a pool professional should have is the ability to comprehend and manage the chemistry of pool water.

Balancing and treating the pool water correctly not only keeps the pool hygienic and looking good, but it also ensures that anyone who uses the pool is kept safe, especially children.

Basic Electrical Knowledge

Pools depend on electrical components to function, ranging from underwater lights to the pool pump. Therefore, a basic understanding of good electrical principles is essential for a pool professional to do their job effectively.

Basic Automation Knowledge

Many pools nowadays use advanced automation technology to help manage the pool’s temperature and chemistry.

A skilled pool professional will be comfortable with this kind of technology and will understand how the sensors work and how they affect the proper functioning of the pool equipment.

If your pool technician lacks such basic knowledge, there is no way they will be able to correctly diagnose any pool issues you may be having. This will lead to unnecessary costs as you will then need to call in the true professionals to get the job done!

Natural Gas Knowledge

Diagnosing and repairing natural gas problems in your pool heater requires the assistance of a licensed and certified gas technician.

However, a good pool technician should still know the fundamentals of the way the heater functions so that they can effectively communicate any issues that they have detected to the gas technician.

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