Make A Splash With An Eco-Friendly Ozone and U.V. Lite Pools

A swimming pool trend for 2023 seeks to eliminate chlorine from pools because of its high toxic content in its undiluted state, high maintenance costs, and strong odour. Despite this, chlorine is a highly effective sanitizer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could improve our swimming pools’ eco-impact while keeping them sanitized and sparkling for our family and friends to enjoy?

Continue reading to learn about some recent developments that our pool builders in Toronto are excited about.

Ozone Sterilization

Having an ozone sterilization system installed in your pool is one of the best environmentally friendly ways to clean it. Converting oxygen into ozone is powered by electricity. Chlorine and bromine are not required, although a small amount of chlorine is recommended to kill off algae growing on the walls of your pool. According to Health Canada, all pools must have a chlorine residual of 1 to 3 ppm. This being said, you can keep the chlorine level closer to 1 ppm which will extend your chemical consumption and save you money.

As a result, your pool maintenance costs will be reduced, and the environment will be cleaner.

The Triple Power Of Oxygen And Its Benefits

Ozone is a tri-atomic oxygen, which means it comprises three oxygen atoms ‒ it’s a gas. Once activated and scrambled in the water, it’s highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses in a flash, yet the amount of ozone required to sanitise your pool is safe and non-toxic to people. You’ll recognize its smell ‒ that fresh smell detected during and after thunderstorms.

Ozone is stronger than chlorine and other traditional chemicals, including non-chlorine shock treatments. Compared to traditional chemicals, it kills harmful small organisms up to 3000 times faster! Due to its high reaction speed, it only lasts a few minutes in the water. As a result, only carbon dioxide, cell debris, and water remain. The ozone in the pool water converts back to

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