Pool Installation Companies Give Advice on What Type of Pool to Choose

Installing a new pool in an exciting project. When doing your investigations, you will discover that pool installation companies offer different pools to suit various applications and budgets.

Before selecting your new pool, it is important to know about your options, including vinyl liner, concrete and fibreglass pools.

Vinyl Liner Pools

A custom-made vinyl liner is placed inside the pool structure. The structure is typically built of steel, galvanized or plastic panels. Vinyl liner pools have a lower installation cost, and the shape and size can be customized to suit any installation. There are also a variety of standard shapes and models from which to choose.

The vinyl liner has a lifespan of seven to twelve years, after which the liner will need to be replaced.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools have construction that involves digging a hole, building a steel cage to create a web and shotcrete walls and floors. This construction will then be mirabilited and tiled.

The shape, size and depth of concrete pools are fully customizable. The only limitation is your imagination. These aesthetically pleasing pools can be designed to fit into any setting.

Occasional specialized cleaning and refinishing of the pool’s interior surface will also be required periodically.

Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass pools are manufactured off-site and then delivered by truck. The pool is craned over house and lowered into the hole dug to the approximate size and shape required, and materials are used to fill in the edges for a snug fit.

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