Recapping The Most Exquisite Pool Designs Of 2022

Swimming pools are a very integral part of your home. Not only do they add value to your property, but they also allow memories to be formed and friends to be made. Although swimming pools are built to last, their aesthetic should not be compromised by this.

Now that we are into December and the 2022 year is almost a wrap, we decided to take a look back at the top trending swimming pool designs, which we think are exquisite.

Outdoor Fire

Having a fireplace outside close to the pool helps give your swimming pool that modern-day feel. Whether it is a bbq, fire pit or fireplace, nothing is more pleasing to the eye than seeing the warmth of the fire in combination with the glimmer of the pool lights in the evenings. We definitely recommend that you consider some sort of fire aesthetic in your next swimming pool design.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is one way that you are guaranteed to impress your guests at a dinner party. Applying LED lights to your pool is the best way to show off its best features by adding a sense of luxury. Think of pairing your floating steps, water features above the pool or ledges with LED lights for that desired outcome. Not only do they look great, but they can also add safety by ensuring the pool is always adequately lit up.


There is nothing wrong with the standard rectangular pool, but more recently, there has been an increase in people opting for shaped swimming pools. The shape and curvature add a nice level of character to your pool and can also give the appearance of being larger than it actually is. A bonus is that the shape can be anything you want, like a guitar-shaped pool.

Tanning Ledges

Tanning ledges are ledges which hug the inside of the swimming pool near the surface. This allows people to sit or lie down in the pool. They are truly amazing additions to your pool parties where your guests can sit in the pool, have a drink and chat.

If you are looking for your next or first swimming pool design in the new year, our professional team has the expertise to pull off the swimming pool build of your dreams.

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