Small Yard Swimming Pool Design Ideas

If you think your yard is too small for a swimming pool, think again. With yard sizes decreasing over the years, pool designs have been adapted to fit almost any size space.
Have a look at some of these clever swimming pool design ideas when deciding on the type of pool to have installed in your small space.

Plunge Pools

As the name suggests, these pools are just big enough to plunge into. Plunge pools range in size from four to seven meters long and between two to three meters wide. Depths vary, however, they would usually be in the range of about 1.2 to 2 meters deep. That’s deep enough for a cool-down dip!

Freeform Pools

Small pools don’t have to be boring. A swimming pool design can be developed to perfectly complement the space in which it will be installed. Ask your pool installer to draw up some pool designs that will fit perfectly into your available space, using the shape to mimic and enhance the look and feel of the architecture of your home.
Shapes include rectangular, circular, oval, kidney-shaped, L-shaped, figure eight, geometric and completely freeform with sides angled or curved to suit your space.

Deck Pools

To make effective use of a small space, build your new swimming pool into a deck. This creates a lovely flow from your home into the pool area. Clever pool designs can incorporate spaces for garden, seating and dining within this same space, maximizing the utilization of the area.

Lap Pools

Lap pools are designed to accommodate a person swimming laps, so traditionally they are long and rectangular. These days, however, lap pool designs incorporate steps, water features, interesting corner shapes and wet walls. By introducing interesting features, the swimming pool design enhances your yard and entertainment area and doubles up as an exercise pool.

Indoor and Undercover Pools

Bringing the pool into your home is another option when space is limited. Consider pool designs that convert an indoor space into a pool. Alternatively, install the pool in the place of your patio or entertainment area, and incorporate built-in features in the design, such as seating and barbeques.
Now that you have some swimming pool design ideas for your new pool, contact Olympic Pool Services today. Our team of pool-building professionals has the skill and experience to develop the best pool designs and construct the new pool you have always wanted for your home.

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