What Pool Additions Do You Need For Your Newly Renovated Pool?

Has it been on your mind to spruce up your backyard before the summer months? There are many ways to create a gorgeous and sophisticated look in your garden, but the focal point of any garden lucky enough to have one, is the pool area. If your pool looks grimy, old, outdated, cracked, and has chipping tiles, then it is about time you decided to renovate and breathe new life into your garden.
Below, we have listed some of our favourite additional add-ons to make any pool area look refined and put together.
If you have a brand new pool renovation, but there’s still something missing, keep reading!

Light It Up

This may be an extremely overlooked aspect of a pool area, but if your pool is not well-lit during social evenings or events at night, then no one will notice the stunning design and space you have to offer.
An LED lighting system that features multiple colours shifting through the gradients will provide you with an outdoor space that creates the perfect ambience for any party setting. This idea may extend into your garden to light up any aspect that catches the eye.

Waterfall Wonderland

Making use of different platforms and levels within your pool renovations can create the effect of a waterfall-like addition flowing down into your lower-level pool. This cascading design will bring a peaceful environment and sound into this space.
Additionally, arranging lighting to work with this gorgeous multi levelled pooling system design can create a unique space for your family and a focal point for your garden area.

Gradual Slopes

Instead of harsh, steep steps into the pool sides area, why not use a gradual slope to ensure household and guest safety and provide a twist on the usual pool structure? You and your friends and family will gradually descend into the water, which is known as a zero-entry pool.

These additions will give your pool renovation a modern twist and create an unforgettable ambience. Give us a call today to get in contact with our professional team.

Our dream is to help you create the pool of your dreams!

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