What Pool Sanitization System Should Pool Specialists Install in Your New Pool?

When hiring the services of pool specialists in Toronto, they will ask you to make many decisions about your new pool. For example, what shape, size, and depth should it be? What pool design would you like? What sanitization system do you prefer?

Pool sanitization is required to keep your pool sparkling and hygienically clean. The sanitizer cleans the water by killing algae, bacteria and other organic contaminants in your pool.

Read on to find out more about the different options of pool sanitization systems to help you make the best decision for your new pool.


Chlorine has long been the most popular choice for pool sanitization as it is considered the most-effective treatment. Chlorine destroys harmful pathogens, bacteria and algae that find their way into your pool.

You can easily apply chlorine to your pool via granules, liquid, tablets for floating dispensers or automatic chlorinators.

However, many people are sensitive to chlorine. It can cause stinging eyes, noses and throats, dry, itchy skin and hives. Prolonged exposure can even turn blonde hair green.


Saltwater pools use a salt chlorine generator and a process called electrolysis to convert salt into the same two sanitizing agents found in traditional chlorine pools. The water has no strong odour and is gentle on sensitive skin, eyes and noses.

Despite the name, saltwater pools are not nearly as salty as seawater. The initial investment in a saltwater generator is high, and the system may require technical assistance from time to time. Yet, in the long term, saltwater pools are better for your health and need less maintenance than regular chlorinated pools.

Ultraviolet (UV)

Ultraviolet light can be used as a non-chemical decontaminator to keep your pool water clean and healthy. UV light kills bacteria, viruses, pathogens and algae in the water when passing the high-powered UV lamps inside the system.  This drastically reduces chemical usage, is gentle on skin, eyes, noses and throats, produces no harmful by-products, and is family and eco-friendly.


Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, pathogens and parasites in pool water. An ozone generator produces ozone gas passed through the water, killing contaminants. This effective oxidizer also breaks down grease and oil, reducing maintenance requirements in the long term. Ozone reduces the need for chlorine, making the water more suitable for sensitive skin, eyes and noses.

For more information on pool sanitization systems for your new pool, contact Olympic Pool Services today. We are professional and experienced pool specialists in Toronto and will provide you with quality, comprehensive service to help you make your new pool dreams come true.