When & Why Do You Need A Professional Inspection For Your Pool?

pool inspection

If you are like most homeowners, keeping your pool in great shape is high up on your list of priorities as it gives you and your family more time to enjoy it during the spring and summer months of the year. As an important part of you and your family’s spring and summer fun, you want to make sure that your pool remains clean, healthy, and continues functioning properly, as nothing can put an end to the fun faster than coming outside to see a green pool. Here at Olympic Pool Services, our team of Toronto pool service professionals can provide you with the comprehensive pool services you need to keep your pool in the best shape possible at all times, and pool inspections are a regular part of doing so. With the help of our professional pool inspectors, we can help you identify any potential problems that might be forming, as well as any necessary repairs that your pool might need, and provide you with the professional advice you need to know what the best method of proceeding is. Whether you are looking to get your pool ready for the spring and summer, or you are considering buying a home that already has a pool in place, a professional pool inspections might just be one of the best investments you make all year.

Diagnosing Issues With Your Pool

Here at Olympic Pool Services, our pool water testing team utilize the highest quality tools and techniques to provide you with a fast and thorough inspection of your Toronto home’s pool so we can help you accurately diagnose any issues that might be present. After a quick visual inspection to ascertain whether or not there are any obvious warning signs of potential issues, we will go through and perform a detailed inspection of your pool’s fittings to ensure they are securely fastened and up to the proper standards. After ensuring your deck is in good order, we will move on to your pool’s filter and other internal mechanisms to ensure they are doing their part in keeping your pool properly balanced chemically and maintain proper circulation.

Pool Equipment Check

Your pool depends on a number of different components all working together in order to properly function, and each one of those components needs to be checked every so often in order to ensure they are functioning like they need to be. Here at Olympic Pool Services, our team of experts will take a close look at these various systems to ensure your pumps are all working properly and have the right amount of pressure and your filters are able to successfully remove any potentially harmful debris without allowing any to leak into your pump itself. We will also take a look at your pool’s main drain to ensure code compliance.

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