Ask These Four Questions About Swimming Pool Design Before Building Your New Modern Pool

When choosing a swimming pool design for your new modern pool, there are several factors to take into account. Read on to find out what questions to ask before finalizing your choices.

Who Will Use The Pool?

Young children, older children and teens, adults, older adults. Are there any persons with disabilities? Does your family have pets? Will it be used for relaxation, for sports, for doing laps? Take all of this information into consideration when deciding on options such as depth, steps, handrails, size and sections.

How Much Space is Available?

The available space will assist in determining the size, shape and layout of the pool.  Remember to factor in room for paving and landscaping around the pool area. In addition, you may be considering an entertainment area, bar or deck in conjunction with your design, if capacity permits.

How Can I Reduce My Pool’s Impact on the Environment?

Energy efficiency in swimming pool design continues to come under the spotlight. Consider environmental impact when planning your new modern pool. Adding pool covers and pump timers are regular features. Further alternatives include using solar blankets and solar panels as heating solutions. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than electric or gas heaters, but you could be looking to extend your swimming season by up to a month on each end.

What is Trending in Modern Pool Design?

The trend in 2021 is a move towards simplicity as the key design element. A clean, sleek outline that blends in well with the overall style and design of your home and that is complemented by the surrounding landscaping. Longer, narrower and even less deep pools are currently on point, often with a shallow step extending across the full width or length of the pool.

Finish options that are currently trending include porcelain, granite or glass, which is great as they are long-lasting and better suited to the bitterly cold Canadian winters.

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