Swimming Pool Design Trends & Advice

Swimming pool companies are being challenged more and more to come up with innovative designs to meet clients’ visions. Choosing a swimming pool design can be bewildering, so we have collated an overview of the most popular pool designs for property owners. Let’s dive in!

Overall Design Advice

The biggest success factor of a pool is actually its location and proportions in relation to the space it inhabits.

A pool definitely serves as a focal point and, therefore, it is vital that its design “talks” to the design of the home, hotel, etc. The pool proportions should also not dominate the proportions of the building and vice versa.


The future of pool design is trending towards simplicity with squares or rectangles, and giant, oversized pools are reducing in popularity. “Floating” steppers have been growing in popularity year on year as they add layering to a design without making it “busy”.

The use of bright, colourful mosaics has fallen steadily in popularity.


Infinity Pools

This design is simple and the simplicity can be dramatic or, ironically, dull and boring, so the involvement of a skilled pool designer is important. A large garden is essential for this pool style, so keep the proportions at the forefront of your mind.

Dark Pools

Blue pools have ruled the pool colourways for decades, but light grey (which gives a Mediterranean tonality to the water), dark grey and charcoal are growing in popularity. A darker colour gives a more natural water tone, such as rock pools in the mountains or lagoons.

Tiled Pools

In contrast to strips of colourful mosaics around the border or a mosaic picture at the bottom of the pool, fully tiled designs (with large tiles) are increasing in popularity. Tiles are easy to install, give a lovely feeling underfoot and are easy to maintain. In addition, they give an opportunity to add colour without being busy.

We hope this overview has helped you refine your choices and your bulging Pinterest board!

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